New England drift-rock trio.








bad quality photos of some of the shirts we will have on tour. designs by zach weeks. shoegaze city white/blue, spooky face on gray


Anonymous said: Forgot about "soon" have you guys started on anything new. Like have you wrote anything yet?

winky face


Anonymous said: hey raph am i gonna see you at the l'antietam reunion tour next year? i sobbed for a solid hour when i saw the announcement a couple months ago

cam mentioned this was happening to me but i have heard nothing about it. if true it would be cool


codeorangecats said: When will you be in the nj pa area again

playin philly aug 16th i think @ golden tea house


persondudeman said: Are you a fan of Periphery or Protest the Hero?

periphery- no

protest the hero - i wouldn’t say i’m a fan but i used to listen to them. “blindfolds aside” is a jammer

edit: relistening.. this is more cheesy than i remembered, kinda cool though


Anonymous said: what's your favorite songs of yours?

am i only allowed to pick one? 


Anonymous said: Hey it's killing me inside that I can't figure out the meaning to the song title of one of my favorite songs by you "Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth" as the band I was hoping you might know lol

come talk to us in person/ at a show some time


Anonymous said: When are you coming to New Jersey(hopefully north jersey)

no plans, hopefully stays that way


Anonymous said: Yo, you guys should play at The Waiting Room in Buffalo, New York.

is that the place where that one end of a year song from the s/t 7” is filmed?


Anonymous said: Your new stuff is awesome too, didn't mean that in a "You were so good, what happened?" kind of way. And Cam is a goddess, Sorority Noise makes my inner fan girl go wild.

is it really an “inner” fan girl if yr messaging the band saying a member is god-tier?